Total Recall VR

PC Software Packages: Remote Call Monitoring, Search/Replay, System Management, Event Reconstruction, Advanced Archiving & More

Total Recall VR Desktop

Total Recall VR Desktop is a powerful all-in-one Total Recall VR PC application that combines the features and functions of the following Total Recall VR applications into one desktop-like application for your Windows PC(s):

  • Total Recall VR Manager
  • Total Recall VR Monitor
  • Total Recall VR Event Player
  • Total Recall VR Browser
  • Total Recall VR Audio Player

Total Recall VR Desktop comprehensively expands the capabilities of your Total Recall VR system:

  • Comprehensive system configuration, monitoring and management tools.
  • Multi-channel automated call monitoring with visual waveform
  • Multi-channel call playback & event reconstruction with visual waveform
  • Powerful call search tools
  • Easy to use call playback tools with visual waveform

Included Applications:

Recorder Control Panel
Advanced remote configuration of Total Recall VR systems & comprehensive maintenance options.

Recorder Status Panel
Easy, real-time visual indications of recorder status, disk space and recording channel status.

Resource Manager

One-stop shop for adding user accounts, connecting TRVR Units, Network Archives, Mega Archives, Public Folders & more.

Criteria Builder
Create, edit and share natural language search queries, to find calls on TRVR systems and archives. Share pre-defined searches between users & applications.

Recorder Monitor
Multi-Channel call monitoring over multiple TRVR units with visual waveforms.

Event Player
Multi-channel event reconstruction with visual waveforms. Replay & save combined audio.

Archive Explorers
View, search, export and manage recordings on TRVR systems, disk archives, network shares, USB archives & more.

Audio Player
Replay TRVR recordings with visual waveform. Built-in email sharing and call integrity checker.

Total Recall VR Accessories

Total Recall VR Audio Mixer

TRVR Audio Mixer

The Total Recall 2 Way Radio Mixer is a small accessory designed to mix the TX and RX signals from a radio base station and input those signals to a single channel on the TR Recorder. This is used primarily for analogue radio recordings, but is suitable for combining any two analog audio sources into one recording channel.


  • 3.5mm TS and RJ12 connector for each input
  • Signal level control (gain) for each input
  • Redundant line-level output
  • 3.5mm TS and RJ12 connector for each output
  • 9-15VDC power source centre negative
  • Maximum output signal level: +16dBu (with 15VDC power supply)
  • Minimum input signal level: -30dBu
  • Input impedance: 100Kohm
  • Frequency response: 20Hz-20KHz
  • Total harmonic distortion: < .005%

The Total Recall VR Radio Mixer requires a 9VDC-12VDC power pack to power the mixer. This power pack is NOT supplied with the unit.

A rack mount shelf is available for installation of multiple Total Recall VR Audio Mixers into an equipment rack. Use the shelf to install 4 Total Recall VR Audio Mixers so that the whole assembly is 1RU high.

TRVR Audio Mixer Rack

Alternatively, use the shelf to install 16 Total Recall VR Audio Mixers so that the whole assembly is 3RU high.

TRVR Audio Mixer Rack


Total Recall Logger Patch

TRVR Logger Patch

The Total Recall VR Logger Patch enables recording from digital telephone handsets where there is no-side tone or the level of the microphone is too low to trigger recording.

User adjustable gain control, selectable for microphone and earpeice, providing easy integration with your phone handset and PABX type.

The Logger Patch is simply connected to the telephone handset curly cord and then wired to an anlog port on a Total Recall VR voice logging recorder.

Some phone handsets have different microphone and earpiece outputs to the RJ11 (4P4C) plug. Normally the center two wires on the handset jack are the earpiece circuit and the outer two wires are the microphone. If your telephone does not use standard connections, there is a splitter included in the pack to reverse the input connections to the Logger Patch.

The Logger Patch requires a 12VDC power pack to power the amplifier which will give up to 30dB gain on the microphone and 10dB gain on the earpiece. This power pack is NOT supplied with the Logger Patch.